Muskmelon & Honeydew Milkshake Recipe – A Healthy Summer Drink Recipe

musk melon milkshake recipe

Muskmelon & Honeydew Milkshake Recipe – A Healthy Summer Drink Recipe

The month of March is drawing to end, marking the arrival of the hottest summer days in India. The kids are looking forward to their summer vacations and the grownups hope to get some respite from the dreary routine. Apart from the nonchalant disposition that summers bring along, the next best thing about the season is the soothing food and drinks everyone gets to enjoy. I am sharing the recipe of muskmelon & honeydew milkshake, which is by far the greatest addition to my summer recipes collection on here. It’s a light, healthy, and easy to make summer drink that would refresh your senses and rejuvenate your body, giving you an instant boost of energy. I bet it would be a great addition to your collection of Nutribullet recipes.

The Awesome Duo

I have used two different kinds of melons. The muskmelon is juicy and rich in flavor but moderately sweet, which isn’t enough to give the milkshake a full-bodied taste.The honeydew pulls it off, though. The fruity fragrance of muskmelon and sweetness of honeydew is a perfect combination for a milkshake recipe.The ratio of muskmelon to honeydew is 3:1 because I wanted the former to play the dominant role.

I have added very little ice cream and milk, just enough to correct the watery consistency of the melon puree.The addition of a little bit of honey imparts a hint of earthy to this gorgeous-lookingsummer drink, upping its health quotient. Apart from the sugar that’s already there in the ice-cream, there is none addedto the recipe, which is why it is comparatively natural than what you get at most restaurants and milkshake bars.

The Health Benefits of Muskmelon and Honeydew

Both muskmelon and honeydew have high water content and potassium levels, which is why they are so good at keeping hypertension in check. Muskmelon is rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene whereas honeydew has an abundance of Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron, and copper. Since I haven’t strained the melon puree, the fiber content of both fruits stays intact in this milkshake recipe. Fiber does a great job in keeping your gut healthy. Besides, muskmelon and honeydew have almost no fat and zero cholesterol. Regular consumption of melons in moderate amounts gives you healthier bones and teeth, healthier skin and eyes, boosts your overall immunity, and helps prevent diabetes.

I bet these are good enough reasons to quit those unhealthy, sugary soft drinks that do nothing but make you fat and dehydrated.

The Names of Muskmelon and Honeydew in Local Languages

Muskmelon is known as cantaloupe in English. In Hindi, it goes by the name kharbooja or kharbooza (खरबूजा ), depending upon how one pronounces the last syllable. In Marathi, it is call kharbooj (खरबूज ).

By the virtue of its pale rind, honeydew melon is known as safed kharbooja/kharbooza (सफेद खरबूजा ), safed literally translating to the color white. In Marathi, it is known pandhra kharbooj (पांढरं खरबूज ), pandhra meaning the color white.

There are more summer recipes on here that you can whip up in your Nutribullet. You can check them out here – Watermelon Lemonade and Figs & Banana Milkshake. Now let’s see how to make this cool and refreshing, non-alcoholic summer drink that is muskmelon and honeydew milkshake.

How to Make Muskmelon & Honeydew Milkshake

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Muskmelon & Honeydew melon Milkshake Recipe
Muskmelon & honeydew milkshake combines the taste and flavors of the two melons, giving you the ultimate shake that’s loaded with natural goodness. It’s frothy, and light yet filling. It is an ideal summer drink for both kids and grownups,which replenishes your electrolytes and gives you a boost of energy.
Recipe type: Beverage
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2
For the Milkshake
  • Muskmelon – 1 & ½ cup, diced, chilled
  • Honeydew – ½ cup diced, chilled
  • Vanilla ice-cream – 1 cup
  • Full cream milk – ½ cup, chilled
  • Honey – ½ tbsp or to taste
For Garnish
  • Chopped muskmelon
  1. Combine honeydew and muskmelon in a Nutribullet jar, and give it a blitz to make a puree.
  2. Add the vanilla ice-cream and milk and blend it for a few seconds.
  3. Taste the milkshake. If it’s sweet enough, serve it in the glasses. If not, add honey and blend for a few seconds.
  4. Muskmelon and Honeydew Milkshake is ready. Pour it into fancy glasses and garnish with some muskmelon pieces. Serve it immediately with straws and spoons. Enjoy!
Pop the whole melons in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Cut them open when you are ready to make the milkshake so that it is properly chilled upon serving.

Muskmelon & Honeydew Melon Milkshake Recipe with Step by Step Pictures Below

Step 1

Prepare the ingredients for the milkshake. Dice the muskmelon to get 1 and ½ cups of it. Dice the honeydew to get ½ cup of it. You will also need 1 cup of vanilla ice-cream, ½ cup of full cream milk, and some honey, ½ tbsp or to taste.

ingredients for musk melon milkshake

Step 2

Combine honeydew and muskmelon in a Nutribullet jar, and give it a blitz to make a puree.

combining muskmelon and honeydew melon in nutribullet

Step 3

Add the vanilla ice-cream, milk, and honey to it.

adding ice cream, milk and honey

Step 4

Blend it for a few seconds.

blend the ingredients together.

Step 5

Muskmelon and Honeydew Milkshake is ready. Pour it into fancy glasses and garnish with some muskmelon pieces. Serve it immediately with straws and spoons. Enjoy!

muskmelon milkshake

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