indian sweets recipes | best 10 indian dessert recipes

list of indian sweets recipes

popular indian sweets recipes | best indian dessert recipes

India is such a diverse country when it comes to religion, languages, and communities. With that comes a long list festivals, a lot of which are celebrated across the country. Our festivals are incomplete without special dishes and desserts and it’s not just the respective communities that enjoy the culinary fest. The unity among the people of all cultural backgrounds is marvelous and food happens to be one of the things that bring people together.

Most Indians love festive foods from other regions of the country. I for one am a huge fan of Bengali and Punjabi cuisines. I feel that holds true for a lot of us. So keeping in mind the ongoing festivities and the love of Indians for festive food, especially desserts, I am creating a collection of Indian dessert recipes. These Indian sweets recipes are not just from one region of India.

I have tried my best to follow the authentic recipe as closely as possible. All the Indian sweets recipes have step by step pictures, so that they are easy to follow whenever you make them. Some of these dessert recipes are really simple, while others are a bit time-consuming. All the recipes are foolproof and if you follow the measurements and instructions correctly, you will get perfect results every single time. With this list of Indian sweets recipes, you can satisfy your sweet tooth anytime.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most delicious Indian sweets recipes.

indian sweets recipes collection

1. shrikhand recipe

The shrikhand is a sweet recipe from the Indian state of Maharashtra. Festivals such Gudi Padwa and Dussehra as call for a special menu. The food items vary somewhat from one family to another. But the sweets are fairly common. Shrikhand is always a part of the festive lunch platter in Maharashtrian homes. It is usually served with poori, which is a fried flatbread made from wholewheat. Shrikhand is also enjoyed on its own after the meals as a dessert.

Shrikhand is an Indian version of froyo. Made from hung curd, shrikhand is creamy, and has prominent flavours of nutmeg and green cardamoms. My version of shrikhand recipe also has nuts and saffron in it. It is super rich and has a velvety smooth texture.

indian dessert recipes

2. kesari recipe / kesari bhath

Rava kesari, also known as kesari bhath is a popular dessert that is prepared in all of South India. As the name suggests, kesari has kesar or saffron in it, which not only lends it a beautiful golden color but also a rich flavour and fragrance.

The sugar syrup is prepared with saffron and green cardamom. The rava or semolina is roasted with ghee till its fragrant and golden in color. The rava is then added to the sugar syrup along with fried cashews and raisins. After letting the rava absorb the sugar syrup, rava kesari is ready to be served.

indian dessert recipes

3. moong dal halwa recipe with khoya

A gem of a dessert recipe from North India, moong dal halwa is prepared during festivals and marriages in Rajasthan. The yellow moong dal is soaked, ground to a coarse paste, and roasted in plenty of ghee until fragrant. The addition of mawa/khoya, nuts, and saffron makes the moong dal halwa recipe very rich and indulgent. It is an absolute treat for people with a sweet tooth and they should definitely try this recipe.

indian dessert recipes

4. sooji halwa recipe / sheera recipe

Sooji halwa or sheera is yet another popular Indian sweet recipe. Sooji halwa is very similar to kesari, considering that it also has rava or sooji (semolina) as the main ingredient. There are nuts, cardamoms and a some saffron in it. But the sooji halwa is prepared using milk. Also, there are some bananas in it, which lend the halwa a very fruity fragrance.

Sooji halwa is also prepared on the auspicious occasions such as festivals, birthdays, and as a prashad during Satyanarayan pooja.

indian dessert recipes

5. fruit custard recipe

Like I had mentioned in the recipe post of fruit custard, this is my childhood favorite. Fruit custard brings back so many memories of sultry summer afternoons spent gorging on this creamy, chilled dessert while watch cartoon shows on Cartoon Network. It’s not just a recipe. It’s an experience.

Fresh fruits such as grapes, apples, pomegranates, and chickoos aer chopped in tiny bits. The full cream milk is boiled with some store-bought vanilla flavoured custard powder. It is then cooled to the room temperature.You add in the fruits and chill it in the fridge for a few hours before serving. I like to add some raspberry jelly to my fruit custard. It tastes great that way.

indian dessert recipes

6. fruit salad with milk

fruit and milk are a match made in heaven. Taste a spoonful of this fruit salad and you will know why. The combination of fruits is a bit different from that used in the fruit custard recipe. The fruit salad with milk is prepared by first reducing an then cooling the milk. Then you add in peeled oranges, mashed banana, chopped apples, chickoos and grapes.

Resting it for a few hours in the fridge will make the flavours better and the fruit salad taste incredibly good. This is a fun way to get your kids to eat fruits.

indian sweets recipes

7. shahi tudka recipe

Shahi tukda is a truly royal dessert. My personal favourite, I like o make it when guests come over. The fried bread is dipped in sugar syrup and layered in a baking tray. The rabdi, which is reduced milk loaded with sugar and nuts is poured over the bread. The shahi tukda is refrigerated for a few hours before serving. It is a very beautiful-looking dessert with silver foil, dried rose petals and pistachio slivers adorning it. Anyone who has eaten shahi tukda praises the recipe so much. You need to try it to believe it.

indian sweets recipes

8. gulab jamun recipe with milk powder

Gulab jamun is a must-have sweet during festivals, especially during Diwali. Other than the festivities, these brown, juicy dumplings are enjoyed as a dessert on any day of the year. Traditionally, gulab jamun is made with khoya or milk solids. Making khoya is time-consuming and it might not be available at stores at certain places, So you can replace the khoya with milk powder. These gulab jamuns are spongy and melt in mouth with the texture similar to those made with khoya.

indian sweets recipes

9. balushahi recipe / badusha recipe

Balushahi or badusha is one of the easiest Indian sweets that you will ever come across. It needs only a few simple ingredients and gets ready very quickly. All you have to do is perfect the technique of making the layers of the balushahi. Balushahi is supposed to be flaky on the inside and crispy on the outside. It has a thin layer of crystallized sugar syrup which makes it appear a bit glossy.

indian sweets recipes

10. basundi recipe

A popular sweet among the Maharashtrians and the Gujaratis, basundi is simple recipe to make. As bit time consuming recipe it calls for patience because basundi is made by reducing milk. The reduced milk has a rich cream color, to which the saffron adds its golden hue. The flavour of the sugars in the milk that slowly got caramelized while cooking for over an hour is unparalleled to any fancy dessert. The simplicity and rusticness if what makes basundi so special. Loaded with nuts, basundi is a must have dessert on Pola or any other festive occasions. Dunk the morsels of hot poori in basundi or sip away on a bowlful after a meal; you can have it any way you like.

indian sweets recipes

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