indian rice recipes | collection of 25 best indian rice recipes with pictures

indian rice recipes with step by step pictures | best rice recipes | collection of 25 indian rice recipes

Rice is an important part of the Indian cuisine. There is a huge variety of indian rice recipes coming from different regions, prepared by people of different cultures. Among these, the pulao and biryani are quite common and each region has their own delightful versions.

Apart from the much-loved pulao and biryani, Indian rice recipes include khichdi, tempered rice recipes such as lemon rice and curd rice. These are very easy rice recipes for lunch when you don’t have much time to spare. And how can we forget the indo-chinese AKA desi chinese┬árice recipes such as fried rice? If you want simple rice recipes for dinner that are easy to digest as well, there are some really good khichdi recipes in the list.

Here I have a wonderful collection of indian rice recipes for the foodies who can’t imagine their meals without rice. Some of them are vegetarian, while others are prepared with chicken, eggs, mutton, and prawns. All these Indian rice recipes have step by step pictures, so that you can follow them easily.

different varieties of rice for different indian rice recipes

I must mention that I have used certain varieties of rice for certain recipes. It helps you achieve best results. For example, I highly recommend using Indrayani rice for plain khichdi, kali mooch or soorti kolam if you are making fried rice, basmati rice for biryani and so on. I will mention the details for each recipe below. Keep reading.

So let’s get started!

indian rice recipes with step-wise pictures

1. hyderabadi veg dum biryani

A vegetarian rice recipe, the hyderabadi veg dum biryani is a treat for the vegetarians so that they don’t miss out on the biryani madness. The veg dum biryani is layers of meticulously prepared mixture of vegetables, fluffy basmati rice, and melt-in-mouth paneer patties. The paneer patties make the taste of the veg biryani fuller. It is a good replacement for meat.

I have used store-bought tomato puree in this veg dum biryani recipe to lend it some umaminess. The veg dum biryani also calls for high-quality basmati rice.

indian rice recipes easy

2. vegetable biryani in pressure cooker

Yet another vegetarian rice recipe! Vegetable biryani in pressure cooker is a simpler version of hyderabadi veg biryani. The ingredients of this one-pot veg biryani are fairly similar. I have added soy chunks to this biryani as a protein source. Also, I have used fresh tomatoes. I came up with this recipe with an intention of preserving the taste of vegetables. So you get a very wholesome flavours and taste of the veggies in this veg biryani recipe.

The one-pot vegetable biryani is also made with basmati rice.

collection of indian rice recipes

3. green moong dal khichdi

The green moong dal khichdi is a Sindhi style khichdi that is often served with tomato chutney or fish curry. The khichdi is made with split green moong dal or chilke wali moong dal. The green moong dal tastes best when made using ghee. There are some black peppercorns and green cardamoms but they are used just enough to give fragrance to the khichdi. The combination of these two whole spices, richness of ghee and the wholesomeness of green moong dal and rice come together to make a perfectly.

rice recipes simple dinner ideas

4. khandeshi masala khichdi recipe

A Maharashtrian rice recipe made using a special spice blend called khandeshi garam masala. The masala khichdi is traditionally served with kadhi. The masala khichdi, as the name suggests is spicy. It has nutty flavours from the peanut oil, dried coconut and peanuts. When it comes to simple rice recipes for dinner, masala khichdi is my go-to choice. It is easy to prepare and delicious at the same time.

Avoid using rice that is new. It will make the khichdi sticky and bland. Use aged rice or basmati rice to make masala khichdi.

rice recipes easy dinner ideas

5. simple khichdi recipe

The simple khichdi recipe is prepared from rice and toor dal/yellow pigeon pea lentil. It is seasoned with just salt, turmeric, and asafetida/hing. Now hing is very important for this khichdi recipe. The tempering or tadka is poured over the khichdi once you serve it in your plate.

The tempering or tadka can be prepared two ways. One of it has slit green chilies in it. The other kind has byadgi red chili powd]der. You can use the regular one if you don’t have byadgi.

rice recipes simple lunch ideas

6. schezwan fried rice recipe

Schezwan fried rice in an indo-chinese rice recipe. It is a vegetarian rice recipe which has lot of vegetables in it, which makes it quite healthy. The homemade schezwan sauce gives it a natural, vibrant red color and tangy and spicy taste. It has a great umami taste, just like how you get it in good restaurants.

If you like, you can make schezwan chicken fried rice by adding bits of batter-fried chicken to it. Schezwan fried rice recipe can be made with soorti kolam, kali mooch, or any aged rice that you like. Aged rice because the grains don’t stick together.

rice recipes easy lunch ideas

7. restaurant-style jeera rice recipe

Want a perfect companion for your mix-veg curry and dal tadka? Try this restaurant style stir-fried, buttery jeera rice recipe. It’s surprising how something as simple as the nuttiness of cumin and fresh vibes of coriander leaves can transform the plain rice into a dish that is so comforting and pairs so well with curries and dals.

You can temper any kind of rice that you like; even the sticky ones like Indrayani.

rice recipes with step wise pictures

8. tomato rice recipe

Fresh, aromatic, tangy rice recipe cooked with green masala and lots of red, ripe, juicy tomatoes. I personally love tomatoes a lot and so this is one of my favorite indian rice recipes. If you love tomatoes too, you should definitely give this recipe a go.

The green masala is made by pounding generous amounts of garlic, coriander leaves, and green chilies to a coarse paste is a mortar and pestle. That’s what makes the tomato rice taste so good. Nothing can beat the taste of green masala pounded in the good old mortar and pestle. Use any rice of your choice for this yummy, tangy rice preparation.

rice recipes with step by step pictures

9. veg pulao recipe in pressure cooker

Veg pulao recipe is a very comforting dish. It has loads of vegetables in every bite. The pulao is seasoned with Everest Shahi Biryani Masala. The vegetable stock cubes adds so much character to the dish. An easy rice recipe for lunch that you can also gave yo our kids in lunchbox. It continues to taste fresh and flavourful even after hours.

If you don’t like to cook indian rice recipes in pressure cooker, you can make it in a handi by increasing the amount of water. The recipe has detailed instructions about making veg pulao in handi too. Do check it out.

indian rice recipes with step by step pictures

10. methi pulao recipe

A Sindhi style rice preparation made with fresh methi or fenugreek leaves and basmati rice. Traditionally, methi pulao is served with sai bhaji, a Sindhi style spinach curry. Methi pulao has a very unique taste and a depth of flavours from whole spices and caramelized onions.

Methi pulao is not bitter at all. The methi has an earthy fragrance t it that mingles so well with rice. You can enjoy methi pulao even on its own or with some aloo tuk and mango pickle on the side.

indian rice recipes with pictures

11. green moong khichdi / moong sprouts khichdi

Moong sprouts khichdi is one of the very healthy indian rice recipes you will ever come across. It has the goodness of the sprout moong beans. Whole moong is a great source of protein and this khichdi is a fun way to include sprouts in your diet. The fresh coconut makes the texture of the khichdi very interesting. The moong sprouts khichdi is seasoned with salt, hing/asafetida, and other spices used in everyday Indian cooking. Again, the asafetida is very important for this khichdi recipe.

Moong sprouts khichdi is prepared in pressure cooker, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a simple rice recipe for dinner. You can also make it for lunchbox because it’s quick to make and delicious to eat. I like to make it with basmati rice. You can make it with any rice of your choice.

rice recipes sprouts khichdi

12. lemon rice recipe

Here’s another one for those looking for vegetarian rice recipes. Lemon rice is a tempered rice recipe, meaning the leftover rice is given a tempering or tadka. The lemon rice is a South Indian rice recipe. It has a very aromatic tempering. The fried cashew and peanuts give it a nice crunch. The freshly squeezed lemon juice makes it taste to tangy and refreshing. Lemon rice is a great way to re-purpose leftover rice.

It is so good, you might find yourself preparing white rice especially to make lemon rice. You can use any kind of rice that you may like.

lemon rice recipe indian

13. curd rice recipe

A cross between the cuisines of Karnataka and Maharashtra, the curd rice recipe is very a healthy recipes. It makes for a light meal and the curd in it makes it easy to digest. People love to have curd rice for lunch during summers. It is a good choice of meal for kids as well.

indian rice recipes with pictures

14. sindhi pulao recipe / bhuga chawal recipe

A classic Sindhi dish, bhuga chawal is a staple in Every Sindhi household. When you want to make a quick meal, bhuga chawal is a delicious pick. It gets its beautiful brown color from the caramelized onions. This one is the authentic recipe made with just rice, onions, whole spices, and red chili. It has no tomatoes or green chilies. Although you can add those if you like.

Traditionally, bhuga chawal is served with sai bhaji, which is a Sindh style spinach curry. Bhuga chawal also tastes great with just fried potatoes and boondi raita.

bhuga chawal indian recipe

15. chana pulao

Another hit one pot meal idea at my place is the chana pulao. Made from white chickpeas or the kabuli chana, this rice recipe is perfect balanced from the nutrition point of view. It has plenty of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats from the ghee/clarified butter.

The fragrance of basmati rice and whole spices is mesmerizing. It gets that characteristic taste from the chole masala powder which is used in punjabi chole curry. There is wholesomeness of chickpeas in each bite which makes it so filling.

indian pulao recipe with pictures

16. veg fried rice recipe

An all time favorite, veg fried rice is a desi chinese recipe. The Indian style chinese fried rice has a medley of fresh vegetables tossed with white rice, some soy sauce, rice vinegar, and rice wine. It has a touch of exotic which makes the fried rice so umami.

Get creative with your choice of vegetables; mushrooms, brocolli, and baby corn also go really well with rice. If you are unable to find the fancy ingredients, the recipe has ideas for substitution with easily available ingredients.

veg fried rice recipe indian

17. matar pulao recipe

Matar pulao is a must try during winters when fresh peas are plentiful and easily available in the market. Nothing beats the flavour and taste of fresh peas. This is a spicy matar pulao that has lots of whole spices and biryani masala mix in it; but not overly spicy though. It has some raisins in it to add occasional tinge of sweetness. Matar pulao is a one pot meal that you can serve with raita and papad. Indeed a quick fix lunch for a lazy weekend afternoon matar pulao gets ready in under an hour.

rice recipes

18. gujarati khichdi recipe / panchmel khichdi recipe

The panchmel khichdi, as the name suggests is made from five kinds of grains; rice and four lentils. This healthy khichdi recipe features minimal use of spices. The taste comes mainly from the dals or lentils; yellow moong dal, green moong dal, masoor dal, and chana dal. The ratio of rice and the mix of dals is 1:1.

The gujarati khichdi is made with ghee, which enhances the flavours furthermore. It is traditionally served with the gujarati kadhi, which is slightly sweet and sour with a very fragrant tadka. The gujarati kadhi khichdi is a very healthy meal and incredibly comforting especially during the winters.

rice recipes with pictures

19. traditional maharashtrian masala bhaat

Masala bhaat or masale bhaat is a Maharashtrian wedding delight. This one is a brahmin-style recipe made using goda masala. Masale bhaat is made with fragrant short-grain rice and a medley of vegetables like eggplant, peas, potato, cauliflower, and ivy gourd (tendli). It is a quick one-pot recipe ideal for busy weekdays. Masale bhaat is aromatic but not too spicy, which is why children can enjoy it too. Serve it with some pickle, fried kurdai and papad on the side for an ultimate comfort meal. Don’t forget to make some buttermilk to wash it down with.

rice recipes easy

non-vegetarian rice recipes – egg, chicken, prawns

20. authentic hyderabadi tahari recipe

Hyderabadi Chicken Tahari is an authentic, delicious, and easy to put together chicken and rice dish. Preparing tahari is simpler than preparing a biryani. But it’s flavours are complex than that of a pulao. So you can say it falls someplace in between the two. The aromas of whole spices and kewra water pair really well with that of basmati rice and meatiness of the chicken. When you have guests over and want to feed then a nice meal without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, tahari definitely deserves its rightful place on your dinner table.

chicken rice recipes

21. hyderabadi chicken dum biryani

This is probably the most elaborate rice recipe on here. All that efforts and time you put it to make this chicken biryani is going to be worth it in the end. Prepared with Lal Qilla basmati rice, the hyderabadi chicken dum biryani is an authentic recipe. I have learnt to make it from a very popular birayani restaurant. Although I have tried to simplify it a bit so you can prepare it at home, the taste remains unbeatable.

Beautiful, partially cooked long grains of rice are layered with raw, marinated chicken. They are garnished generously with ghee, mint leaves, fresh coriander, fried onions, and saffron. The pot is then covered and cooked on low heat until the chicken is tender. This one is also called as kacchi biryani since the chicken is not cooked beforehand but along with the rice. The chicken is absolutely juicy and there is gravy coating the rice, giving it a robust taste.

chicken biryani recipe hyderabadi

22. chicken fried rice recipe

The chicken fried rice is one of most popular indo-chinese rice recipes in here. This is a restaurant style chicken fried rice recipe with egg. The egg is made into an omelette and chopped into strips before adding to the rice. The chicken breast is cut into thin slices and batter-fried until crispy. It is then chopped into bite-size pieces and tossed into the sauteed veggies flavoured with soy sauce and vinegar. Then go in the rice and everything is stir-fried on high flame.

Chicken fried rice recipe is a meal in itself and you would enjoy it very much on its own. Again, kali mooch, soorti kolam, or any aged rice for making chicken fried rice recipe. You can make vegetable fried rice by skipping the chicken and eggs.

chicken fried rice recipe indian

23. prawns biryani

Prawns biryani is an absolute treat for seafood lovers. Don’t have a lot of time or energy to make a biryani? This one is for you! Easy one-pot prawns biryani made with khandeshi garam masala. No need to slog in the kitchen to hours to dish out that perfect biryani. This recipe is a savior! Just a few ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen, a few spoonfuls of khandeshi garam masala, some fresh prawns and basmati rice; that’s all you need.

The fresh aroma of prawns and mint is hard to resist. The preparation is minimal and the results are outstanding. Since it is a biryani recipe, basmati rice is a must.

rice recipe indian biryani

24. pakki chicken biryani / chicken dum biryani

A delicious variation of biryani, pakki chicken biryani gets its name because the chicken gravy is cooked and then layered with cooked rice. The pot containing the biryani is then closed up and kept on low heat or dum. It helps the flavours to mature and mingle. When you uncover the biryani pot, the hot steam wafting from it fills your entire home with the aroma of biryani that will bring everyone to the dining table rightaway.

This is a much simpler chicken biryani recipe as compared to the hyderabadi chicken dum biryani. But the taste is stunning, nevertheless. Use basmati rice for best results.

rice recipes with pictures

25. chicken pulao recipe

Chicken pulao is a one-pot rice recipe. Made using whole spices, curd, nuts, and saffron, this chicken pulao recipe is often served at the weddings. Cooked in pressure cooker, chicken pulao is a great way to make something filling and rich in very less time when you have unexpected guests over. Use any rice that you might like.

rice recipes indian with stepwise pictures

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